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NRT Announces Grants for First Nations Entrepreneurs and Businesses

April 5th – The New Relationship Trust (NRT) has announced it will continue to partner with seven (7) Aboriginal Financial Institutions (AFIs) in British Columbia (B.C.) to deliver the BC First Nations Entrepreneur and Community Equity Matching Initiatives. These initiatives assist BC First Nations entrepreneurs with equity matching funds up to $5,000 and First Nations community businesses up to $25,000.

Through this initiative, AFIs can leverage NRT’s equity matching funds to provide matching equity for new or expanding businesses in the province. This exciting opportunity assists entrepreneurs and communities in obtaining financing, as well as assisting AFIs in identifying new lending opportunities in their service areas. This relationship between AFIs and entrepreneurs will establish, modernize and expand viable BC First Nations businesses, while promoting Aboriginal self-sufficiency through marketing, financial resources and advisory services within a specific BC region or industry that they serve.

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