Indigenous Resilience and Recovery Grant

The Indigenous Resilience and Recovery Grant (IRR Grant) provides funding to Indigenous non-profit organizations that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and continue to face funding and operational challenges in their post-pandemic recovery. For indigenous led non profit organizations, these challenges are even more pronounced in the context of pre-existing barriers and inequities that inhibit growth, funding certainty, and program and service delivery.

To support B.C. Indigenous non-profit organizations to address critical gaps in their funding, operational and program delivery, the IRR Grant initiative has been created to deliver a collaborative and flexible funding model that distinguishes each indigenous organizations’ unique path towards resiliency and recovery within their own context.

The IRR Grant is indigenous-led and was funded and developed in partnership with the B.C. Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction through the Vancouver Foundation.

The IRR Grant will provide non-repayable grant contributions to Indigenous not-for-profit organizations in response to the economic impacts of COVID-19.

To read the news release announcing this funding initiative, please click here.

Initiative Goals

The goal of the IRR Grant initiative is to:

  • Deliver multi-year and flexible funding to indigenous not for profit organizations for pandemic related recovery support; and
  • Enhance the organizational and economic resilience of indigenous not for profit organizations during their post-pandemic recovery journey.

Before You Apply

Prior to starting an application, please ensure that both the proposed funding uses and your organization are eligible for funding.

Project Funding Streams

An application can be submitted to either New Relationship Trust or the Vancouver Foundation based on the following:

  • Eligible applicants with annual revenues of $1 million or more (based on most recent audited financial statements), please use the New Relationship Trust guidelines and application.
  • Eligible applicants with annual revenues of less than $1 million (based on most recent audited financial statements), please click here and you will be redirected to our funding partner (Vancouver Foundation) guideline and application.

Who Can Apply

  • Registered (Indigenous-led) not-for-profit organizations operating in B.C. and primarily serving indigenous populations
  • Not-for-profit organizations or like-bodies coming under the authority of a B.C. First Nation or an Indigenous organization that is a qualified donee listed by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Application Coaching and Submission information

The New Relationship Trust encourages potential applicants to reach out to us, if you have questions, require assistance, or wish to request an application coaching session please email

Application Approval and Key Dates

The NRT IRR Grant intake is now closed.

Due to overwhelming demand, the NRT IRR Grant funds are now fully exhausted. If you wish to submit an IRR application, you can do so through our funding partner (Vancouver Foundation), if your organization is either a registered charity or a registered non-profit society, and has an annual budget of less than $1 million, subject to their application key dates. For more information, please click here.

Key Dates

  • July 13, 2022: Application open
  • August 22, 2022: Application Closed