Indigenous Clean Energy Initiative (BCICEI)

The British Columbia Indigenous Clean Energy Initiative (BCICEI) provides support and capacity-building funds to Indigenous communities working on the development of clean energy projects.

BCICEI funding will enable the implementation of cost-effective clean energy and efficiency projects through support for:

  • Feasibility and site selection activities
  • Environmental review and permitting
  • Project design and engineering
  • Demand side management.

The initiative will also target remote and off-grid communities seeking to reduce dependency on conventional diesel power generation.

Who Can Apply

  • B.C. First Nations
  • Tribal Councils
  • Indigenous for profit and not-for-profit corporations, partnerships, and other legal entities which are majority owned and controlled by First Nation communities.

Project Funding Streams

Stream 1: Project Planning


Feasibility and site solution

Project design & engineering

Environmental Review & Permitting

Funding Cap


Stream 2: Small Scale Energy & Efficiency


Demand Side Management

  • Initiatives or retrofits identified as effective in controlling electricity demand of existing buildings.

Clean Energy (small scale installation/non-utility scale)

  • Small scale community-owned energy generation to power the First Nation community in whole or in part and could include- solar, wind, ocean power, biomass, biogas, & geothermal

Funding Cap


Stream 3: Pre-construction | Pre-commercial operating date (COD)


  • Projects that have an existing energy purchase agreement, or impact benefit agreement, that are expected to generate own source revenue and jobs for its community.
  • Both capital and non-capital costs that will assist the execution of the agreement are eligible

Funding Cap


How to Apply

The 2023-24 BCICEI Program is currently closed. Below are the previous 2023-24 intake dates:

Septemeber 25th, 2023 – Program is accepting applications
November 10th, 2023 – Applications will be accepted until Friday, November 10th, 4:30 pm (PST).

Step 1: Read the BCICEI Application Guidelines, which also contains our Frequently Asked Questions on page 12.

Step 2: Complete all fields of the BCICEI Application Form (electronically or manually) BCICEI Application Form (word) or BCICEI Application Form (PDF).

Step 3: If submitting electronically, save the completed BCICEI Application with the following filename format: ApplicantName_BCICEI_ddmmyy.doc

Step 4: Prepare supporting documentation to submit with the BCICEI Application as a complete application package (see sections 4 and 5.2 of the BCICEI Application Guidelines)

Step 5: Email or mail (fax submissions not accepted) the completed BCICEI Application Form and all necessary supporting documentation to the New Relationship Trust. To ensure your submission will be considered, do not submit individually or in pieces.

New Relationship Trust
Attention: Katya McClintock
3188 Alder Court
North Vancouver, BC
V7H 2V6

By Email:
Email Subject (example):
‘XYZ First Nation, email 1 of 4’
*EMAIL FOR 2023-2024 INTAKE*


Tel: 604-925-3338
Toll-Free: 1-877-922-3338

Katya McClintock and Sarah Powell
BC Indigenous Clean Energy Initiative (BCICEI)
New Relationship Trust



Guidelines – Please click the button below to access the guidelines.


Application – Please click the button below to access the application form.

Final Report Template

If you have completed your project, please download and complete the brief final report template and then send it to the contact listed on the form.