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We invite Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals, corporations, industry, foundations, charities, and government to explore opportunities to collaborate and work with New Relationship Trust to support First Nation communities in a meaningful, relevant, and impactful ways.

The New Relationship Trust (NRT) is a statutory not-for-profit organization created under the New Relationship Trust Act (2006) to build capacity that strengthens the social, economic, environment, governance, and natural capital of First Nation communities across B.C. NRT is independent, politically neutral, and self-sustaining and willing to innovate and bring strengths together to support First Nation priorities.

Let’s have a conversation. If you wish to explore the various ways you can collaborate with NRT on financial or non-financial initiatives, please reach out to NRT’s Director of Business Development and Communications – Jessie Williams

Donations & the First Nations Community Impact Fund

First Nations Community Impact Fund

We believe many individuals, corporations, foundations, and government want to support reconciliation initiatives that have lasting impacts to improve the well-being and quality of life of Indigenous Peoples and First Nations communities across B.C. but aren’t sure how or which cause to support.

When you support the First Nations Community Impact Fund (CIF), you’re empowering the New Relationship Trust (NRT) to respond sustainably now and into the future, to the various First Nation communities social, economic, environmental, educational, and governmental challenges.

When you contribute funds with the NRT, we pool your funds with other contributions, invest it prudently, and use the income generated by these investments to support NRT Programs that are delivered each year directly to Indigenous Peoples or First Nation communities and organizations.

Investment Objective

The NRT’s investment objective is to optimize returns, minimize risk, maximize contributions to NRT Programs, and protect the investment capital but do so in such a way that respects the rights of indigenous peoples and that contributes to their sustainable long-term social, economic, and cultural empowerment.

Donation Options

When you donate or make a contribution to the NRT you have two primary contribution options:

1. First Nations Community Impact Fund: a well diversified professionally managed fund of Canadian equities, international equities, fixed income, commercial mortgages, real estate and infrastructure.

  • NRT will pool your contribution with the fund and will use the fund in perpetuity to fund First Nation grants to BC First Nations and indigenous organizations.

2. Apply you donation to a specific program or initiative:

  • NRT will use 100% of your donation to add to the specific program you choose to disburse grants to First Nations and Indigenous organizations in the next grant funding cycle.

All Donation contributions can be made through the Donate button below:

* If you wish to discuss a significant funding or Program funding opportunity for NRT, feel free to reach out and discuss with Jessie Williams (Director of Business Development & Communications). Contact Jessie Williams at:

Why Give

New Relationship Trust is a Qualified Donee under the Canadian Income Tax Act and is included on the Canada Revenue Agency listing as a public body performing a function of government in Canada. As a qualified done, New Relationship Trust can issue official donation receipts for tax purposes.

You can donate with confidence

  • We consider donors our partners in supporting First Nations
  • We meet best practice for public accountability reporting standards
  • We do not take any administration fees from your donation. 100% of donations are used to support the intended purpose.
  • You can direct your donation for specific initiatives or to specific First Nation communities.

Some examples of initiatives to support

  • Nation building initiatives
  • First nation projects that improve community well-being
  • Clean energy transition and community renewable energy projects
  • Automatic external defibrillators (AED’s) in First Nation Communities
  • Indigenous student bursaries and scholarships
  • Funding for youth or elder well-being initiatives
  • Funding to support First Nations preserve their natural capital – land, oceans, freshwater, and atmosphere.
  • Indigenous economic participation
  • Employment and Labour initiatives
  • Food security and agriculture initiatives
  • Any other initiative aligned with First Nation priorities

For Corporations, Foundations, and Industry

Welcome to a world where empathy and partnerships can come together to empower all First Nations in becoming independent, powerful, and prosperous communities.

We believe Corporations, Foundations, and Industry across Canada want to support initiatives that build brighter futures in First Nation communities but may not know how or what to support. The NRT can assist your organization to develop and administer a giving plan that creates positive and measurable impacts in First Nation communities that need it the most.

How We Create Value

The New Relationship Trust uses its $100 million fund to support First Nations in building resilient and vibrant communities. Since 2007, we have funded over $101 million in disbursements covering over 7,000 projects and education awards to First Nation communities and students.

Our Value Proposition

  • We are authentically Indigenous for Indigenous
    • NRT board of directors are comprised of 100% Indigenous leaders from B.C.
    • NRT staff are comprised of 90% indigenous professionals.
    • NRT legislative purposes is to provide services to First Nations in B.C.
    • NRT has a relationship with every First Nation Community in B.C.
  • We are independent and self-sustaining organization
    • We are not being managed by a funding agreement from Canada or the Province
    • We generate sufficient internal revenues to pay our own way
    • We pride ourselves as being an efficient and cost-effective organization
  • We are expert Grant Program Administrators
    • We have experience curating purpose-designed Indigenous funding programs based on collaborative decision-making and trusted relationships with First Nation communities to deliver broad streams of support to them.
  • We can deliver maximum value for money impact
    • We seek to leverage our economies of scale and not take administration fees away from our donors or strategic partnerships which means 100% of funding or giving plans from corporations and industry go directly to causes and initiatives for First Nations.
    • NRT will match funding from corporations and industry to have maximum impact on initiatives that are most relevant in First Nation communities.

If you wish to explore the various ways your organization can engage in reconciliation or support initiatives that are important to your employees and aligned with First Nation values, let’s collaborate and see if there is a good fit to work together to build better futures in every First Nation community in B.C.

Please reach out to NRT’s Director of Business Development and Communications to learn more.

Contact Jessie Williams at: