Board of Directors

The NRT board of directors is comprised of 7 individuals from across B.C, who are committed in supporting First Nations in achieving their nation-building goals and who have the qualifications, skills, and professional capacity to enable the NRT Board to achieve its mandate.

Board Appointment Process

The Directors are appointed with staggered 3-year terms by the following nominating bodies:

  • First Nations Summit: appoints 1 member
  • Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs: appoints 1 member
  • B.C Assembly of First Nations: appoints 1 member
  • First Nations Leadership Council: appoints 2 members
  • Province of British Columbia: appoints 2 members

Directors may be re-appointed for a second or subsequent term of office. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact any one of the nominating bodies to learn more about their selection process. To learn more about NRT board appointment opportunities, please feel free to contact the NRT CEO.

Wade Grant

Chair / FNLC Appointed

Brenda Knights

Secretary / Province of BC Appointed

Mike Mearns

Board Member / Province of BC Appointed

Tanya Corbet

Board Member / FNS Appointed

Kristen Rivers

Board Member / UBCIC Appointed

Susan Miller

Board Member / BCAFN Appointed

Chief Leanne Joe

Board Member / FNLC Appointed