Nation Building Grants

The Nation Building program provides multi-year funding opportunities to First Nations and Tribal Councils in British Columbia to support their nation building activities according to their self-determined priorities. A project or initiative meant to strengthen the institutional, governance, and community capacities in reclaiming and rebuilding resiliency, self-determination, and sovereignty, within each Nation’s own context is considered an eligible project.

Who Can Apply

  • B.C. First Nations
  • B.C. Tribal Councils
  • Development Corporation/Organization wholly owned and operated by a BC First Nation

Prior to completing an application as an indigenous organization, please contact the Program Specialist for the program at to ensure the project meets eligibility.

Intake Frequency

  • The annual intake and approval process will open each calendar year in May and close, the earlier of December or when the annual funding available has been exhausted.

Funding Amount

  • 1-year grant of up to $60,000, or
  • 2-year grant of up to $120,000
  • One project per Nation or Tribal Council per year (including organizations under the Nation or Tribal Council authority)

Eligible Funding Activities

NRT will consider all projects and activities meant to strengthen the institutional, governance, and community capacities in reclaiming and rebuilding resiliency, self-determination, and sovereignty within each Nation’s context.  

Eligible costs include:

  • Professional, legal, technical, and consulting fees (quotes are required if cost is $15,000 or more to one consultant/contractor/service provider.
  • Community engagement costs.
  • Supplies, materials, and equipment costs.
  • Capital materials and software acquisition.
  • Capacity development & training, mentorship, & Knowledge sharing related to the project.
  • Other reasonable administrative costs or any incremental costs associated with the project.

Ineligible costs include:

  • Existing administration and overhead costs not associated directly to the project.
  • Existing staff wages, salaries, or top-ups or honorariums to employees.
  • Capital expenditures not directly related to a project.

Example project types are listed below. It is a non-exhaustive list, so if you are unsure if your project is eligible, you may contact us before applying to validate the project concept or idea.

Examples of past funded projects:

  • Land-use plans, strategic plans, community energy plans, economic development plans 
  • Lands referral policy and procedures 
  • Resource management research and strategy 
  • Capacity development specific to governance, economic development, community development 
  • Legal framework development and law development 
  • Title and Rights research and strategy 
  • Proponent consultation strategy 
  • Custom election code and membership code 
  • Nation genealogy study 
  • Zoning bylaws 
  • Community meetings and approval law 
  • Community safety and justice program strategy 
  • Climate action strategy 
  • Archaeological studies 
  • Council policies 
  • Business venture acquisition feasibility 
  • Commercial development plans 
  • Housing policies and housing capacity development plans 
  • Development of corporate structure 
  • Habitat restoration activities 
  • Fish hatchery feasibility  
  • Fishing laws and regulation development 
  • Mining negotiation and term sheet development 
  • Outdoor recreation/tourism feasibility study 
  • Web-based member portal 
  • App & platform development for membership 
  • Nation records digitization project 
  • HR policy development 
  • Impact benefits agreements 
  • Administrative system upgrades 
  • Leadership orientation framework development 

Funding Approval Process

NRT will validate applications upon submission based on organization and project eligibility, application completeness and nation-building concept or idea. Please allow up to 2 weeks after submitting a fully complete application to receive a funding decision.

Contact Us For Support

The New Relationship Trust encourages applicants to reach out if you have questions, require assistance, or wish to discuss aspects of the application. 

Please contact us at the email address below and we will respond soon.

By Email:

How to Apply

  • Download, review and complete the Nation Building Grant Application.
  • If you have questions or want to discuss a potential project, please contact us at and we will arrange a time to connect with you.  


Application submissions
Open: May 17, 2024
Close: December 1, 2024 (or when funds are exhausted).

Final Report Template

If you have completed your project, please download and complete the brief final report template and then send it to the contact listed on the form.